Storms set to hit much of France this weekend

Some places expected to see two to three weeks of rainfall in just 24 hours

The storms will appear on Friday and last until Saturday evening
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A bout of stormy weather is set to descend on many areas of France this weekend, dispelling the clear skies and occasional summery weather felt earlier this week. 

Atlantic storms will move into the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region this Friday (June 14), travelling quickly towards Occitanie during the afternoon, where they will increase in intensity. 

Overnight, they will begin to move eastwards, close to the Swiss and German borders, where rainfall is expected to become much heavier.

At the same time as the Atlantic storms move east, another collision between warm Mediterranean air and cooler, arctic air currently present over the north of France will take place in the Alpine and Rhône valleys, causing further instability.

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More than 70mm of rain will fall in some parts of the centre and east in the 24 hours between Friday and Saturday evening. 

This will be the equivalent of around two weeks of rainfall, although locally in parts of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, this may be closer to three weeks. 

Temperatures in the affected areas will remain mostly unchanged, however, and will not drop significantly due to the storms.

The storms will depart by Saturday evening, moving further westward to Germany and Switzerland. 

Elsewhere, rain is expected in the northern half of France and Brittany on Sunday (June 16). 

Along the Mediterranean coast, summer-like conditions are expected to remain throughout the weekend, with temperatures of 25C or above likely. 

Official weather warnings by state forecaster Météo France are only given two days in advance, but there are currently no heightened warnings in place for Friday’s storms. 

You can check for weather warnings at any time on the Météo France website.

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