Storms to hit south of France: weekend weather outlook July 6 - 7

Rainfall of 50 mm is expected on Saturday for some areas but warmer temperatures will be returning for many in next few days

Lightning over French skies
The weekend will see a return to stormy weather for some, albeit briefly

A wave of storms are set to hit the south and east of France this weekend, as warm weather is temporarily replaced with heavy rain. 

Temperatures are expected to reach 34C in the south-west on Friday (July 5) despite cloudy skies, and around 30C across the rest of the south. 

In the north, temperatures will be average for the season, hovering between 20C - 25C. 

However, a conflict between the warm southern winds causing high temperatures, and cooler winds in the north, will lead to storms from Friday evening onwards.

Stormy weather will hit the south-west first – where the warm wind is strongest – moving inland from the coast and the Pays-Basque area.

Storms will become more intense on Saturday

Overnight and into Saturday (July 6) morning, these will move north and east, covering the central belt of France, and leading to heavy storms in the Rhône valley as battling winds clash. 

Storms could reach as far north as the German border.

Some areas, particularly near the Alps and Jura mountains, will see rainfall of up to 50mm on Saturday as the storm passes through. 

Sunday (July 7) will see stormy weather come to an end, although temperatures will be slightly cooler than average across most of the country, except in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region.

Highs of 32C are expected in the hinterlands of the region, and around 30C along the Mediterranean coastline. 

Forecasters expect this warm weather to continue in the south at the start of next week, with the rest of the country gradually seeing higher temperatures and sunny skies.

Currently, there are no heightened weather warnings relating to the storms, although some departments in the south are on a tier-two yellow warning for Saturday’s weather. 

This may change, however, if the intensity of the storms increases throughout the weekend. 

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