Suffer from allergies? Most of France on red alert for grass pollen

The rise in temperatures this weekend will be particularly bad for pollen

Allergy sufferers have been warned to prepare for high pollen levels

Experts have warned allergy sufferers to prepare for a “difficult” few weeks amid a sharp rise in grass pollen from this weekend.

“The return this week of sunny and warmer weather will lead to the emission of high concentrations of grass pollen into the air,” the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network [Réseau national de surveillance aérobiologique - RNSA] said in a statement. 

Heavy rains in April and at the start of May had caused the growth of grasses that would give off the pollen now the weather was warmer, it said. 

It warned those with allergies were advised to take the treatment recommended by their doctors and “prepare for a difficult few weeks”. 

The RNSA the allergy risk, already at the “average” or “yellow” level, would rise to “high” or “red alert” in the coming days. 

Pollen will rise from Thursday, initially in the south and west of the country before spreading throughout the whole of France. 

Pollen will remain high until August, with its effects only minimised by rainfall.

The RNSA will provide regular updates on pollen in France at the website