Supermarket ham recalled in France over listeria concerns

There are fears that the meat may cause food poisoning

The ham was sold last weekend and at the beginning of this week
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A brand of supermarket sliced ham has been recalled across France, over fears the meat contains listeria.

The product – a 4-pack of pre-cooked sliced ham from the ‘Saint Alby’ brand – was sold between March 21 and March 25 in Lidl supermarkets nationally.

The affected ham has a GTIN number of 4056489040408, Lot number 07524, and a use by date of April 9, 2024.

Official advice is to not consume the product, and to take it back to the place of purchase for a refund if possible. If not, you should throw it away without eating or opening it.

Refunds for the product will be available until April 6, and you can find full information about the recall on the official RappelConso website.

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Product may cause food poisoning

The ham was recalled by the supermarket chain over the possible presence of the listeria bacteria.

This bacteria can cause listeriosis food poisoning – the second biggest cause of food poisoning related deaths in France.

Side-effects can include headaches, fever, and body aches, and the symptoms can appear as late as eight weeks after consuming an infected product.

Anyone who has eaten the ham and is experiencing such symptoms should immediately contact their GP or another doctor.

Listeriosis is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, elderly people and the immuno-compromised.

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