Swing with Brittany dancers

Age is no excuse for hanging up your dancing shoes

Philip and June Shute at 85 and 81 respectively are still running dance classes in Evran, near Dinan, Côtes-d’Amor. With 10 students on average, they would love to see more dancers, particularly, men.

Mrs Shute said: “Strictly Come Dancing has proved very popular TV and we would love to share our enjoyment of dancing with anyone who would like to learn to Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha, Jive or Tango. It does not matter if you have two left feet and have never danced before, we welcome everyone. We could do with some more men as we have slightly more ladies.”

It is not only good physical exercise but also exercises the mind and keeps you young.

The couple are qualified teachers and ran classes in the UK before coming to France in 2009. They wanted to continue dancing but could only find classes in the evening, so decided to start Le Tempo association.

Classes are on Thursday afternoons at La Salle Emilie Bouhours and are free.

Contact June and Philip Shute on 02 96 82 29 78 or philip.shute@orange.fr