Tap water toxins too high - report

Watchdog announces further tests on mains water after TV documentary finds high levels of toxins and pesticides

HOUSEHOLD water supplies are to be subject to more thorough safety checks after a TV documentary claimed millions of people are drinking tap water containing high levels of toxins.

An eight-month investigation by France 3, broadcast last night, revealed strong concentrations of aluminium in the Charente and Auvergne, radon in the Limousin and nitrates and pesticides in Normandy.

The Ecology Ministry said in a statement issued shortly before transmission that "every step" of the water purification process was strictly controlled and more than 300,000 samples were taken each year and analysed for almost 800 different toxins.

However independent environmental health watchdog Asef has now confirmed that it will be carrying out further tests in 10 areas to further assess the risk.

Environmental charity WWF said there had been growing evidence for more than 30 years that the quality of mains water supplies was worsening and accused the government of ignoring warnings.

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