TotalEnergies announces extended fuel discount on French motorways

The 12-centimes discount will last until at least August 31 at service stations across the country and comes in conjunction with the countrywide government discount

The extra discount will apply to TotalEnergies petrol stations on motorways across the country
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Fuel supplier TotalEnergies has confirmed that it will offer a discount of 12 centimes per litre on fuel at its motorway petrol stations from July 1 to August 31.

The move is intended to help holidaymakers travelling long distances by motorway over the summer, with up to 17 million drivers set to benefit, TotalEnergies said.

The discount will apply to around 120 motorway stations, to all fuel, and without a limit on the amount.

The 12 centimes off will be added on top of the 18 centimes rebate already confirmed by the government.

The 18 centimes discount has been in force since April 1, and is set to last until at least the end of the summer.

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Once both discounts have been added, drivers will save 30 centimes per litre on petrol (except Superethanol E85) and diesel (except off-road diesel), which will add up to €15 for a tank of 50 litres.

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It comes after pressure from the government for fuel providers to offer consumers good deals and discounts on top of its 18 centimes rebate, as fuel prices continue to soar.

At the end of April, TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanné had promised to re-introduce the discount of 10 centimes per litre that had been in force between February 14 and May 15, initially in rural areas and later extended to 2,700 petrol stations across the country.

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But Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said that this was not enough, and called on the group to make a larger gesture.

He said: “The entire effort cannot rest solely on the state and public finances.”

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