UK driver ‘confuses 125mph with 125kmh’- French police not convinced

Driver of UK-registered Range Rover faces hefty fine and must appear in court

Speedometer showing miles per hour in a car
Confusing miles per hour and kilometres per hour... an easy mistake to make?
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A British driver has had his licence taken off of him by police officers after being caught going more than 70 km/h faster than the national speed limit. 

The driver claimed he had confused miles and kilometres, and therefore was driving within the speed limit.

He was caught driving on the A26 motorway on Sunday (July 7), passing through the Aisne department in the north of France, at 202 km/h, or 125 m/ph.

The maximum speed limit on French motorways is 130 km/h. 

Police caught the man – who was driving in a UK-registered Range Rover – using a mobile radar, and immediately followed him, asking him to pull over. 

Unfortunately for him, the police did not believe his reasoning, and took away his licence on the spot.

They also hit him with a fine, and the driver will need to appear in court over the infraction. 

There is no reciprocal agreement between French and British authorities on sharing certain information on driving, which means fines not given out on the spot can often do not reach a UK address. 

In addition, you cannot gain points on a UK licence for an offence committed in France. 

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Authorities in one country cannot permanently revoke a driving licence of an individual obtained in, although they can temporarily withdraw it from the driver, as in the case above.

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