Weather in France June 24 - June 28: Forecast by area this week

Predictions for temperature, sun, storm, rain and more for your area for the next 5 days. Storms are set to hit Bordeaux and temperatures to drop around 10C in Brittany

Sun and storms in French sky
France's skies will change throughout the week, as a new set of storms move in
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Warm weather and ample sunshine means a pleasant beginning to the week for most, however storms are soon set to return, bringing rain and potentially hail.

Starting from Monday (June 24), temperatures will be from 3C to 5C warmer than at the weekend almost everywhere except the south-east. 

This will continue into Tuesday, when they are set to reach their peak. 

The mercury will hit at least 27C everywhere except the south-east, including the northern regions of Normandy, Brittany, and Hauts-de-France. 

In Paris, temperatures above 30C are forecast, as well as in Rennes and Bordeaux.

Storms to return to the west

Stormy weather in Nice and the Alps at the start of the week will keep temperatures around 23C in the coastal city – the lowest in the country. 

These bad weather in the south-east will subside by Wednesday (June 26). In their place a set of new Atlantic storms will begin to form late in the evening, potentially affecting parts of the western coastline overnight. 

Temperatures across the country will still remain above June averages, with the storms not set to reach the country until the following day.

Thursday (June 27) will see storms split France from the south-west to the north-east, bringing heavy rain and potentially hail. 

The Mediterranean coastline will remain untouched, as will the Norman coast, both experiencing slightly higher than average temperatures and clear skies. 

A second Atlantic storm will hit on Friday (June 28) – despite being less powerful than its predecessor, it is likely to cause temperatures to drop, particularly in the Pays-Basque and coastal Brittany. 

In these areas, it may be 10C colder on Friday than at the beginning of the week.

Lingering rain from the previous storms will also continue to fall in central and eastern France, around Lyon and the Rhône valley. 

Early predictions are that these storms will continue into the weekend.

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