Can dual nationals show either passport at French / UK border?

Choosing the passport of the country you are entering could help avoid having passport incorrectly stamped by border police

If the passport is valid for the UK you can present whichever one you want according to the Home Office
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Reader Question: I have dual British and French nationality and reside full-time in France. I will soon travel to the UK by car via Eurotunnel. To help with possible delays, I intend to use my French passport at French passport control and my UK passport at UK passport control. Are there any potential problems in doing this?

Dual nationals are generally free to use either passport when travelling, and to choose the document which provides them with easiest access to the country they are entering.

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There does not appear to be any regulation preventing you from switching passports mid-journey. Indeed, this would ensure your passport is not incorrectly stamped and you are not asked for additional proof of your right to remain at your destination.

In response to our query, a Home Office spokesman simply said: “Dual nationals may choose to present a valid national passport in either of their nationalities at the UK border.”

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We asked Getlink, the company which manages Eurotunnel, whether it mattered which passport was used to make the booking, but they said this was a question for border authorities.

It should not make a difference which details you enter when booking your ticket, but since you will be carrying both passports, you will always have the option to show the one you used for the booking if asked.

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