Can I get financial help towards replacing boiler at my French home?

Many people now look for eco-friendly solutions when replacing their heating systems

A person installing a new boiler
The grants are for all households, but only cover certain types of boilers

Reader question: I want to replace the old gas-fired boiler in my house is there any help towards this?

If you have a gas, coal, or oil-fuelled boiler there is a grant you can receive to help partially cover the costs of switching to a newer one, provided you replace the boiler with an eco-friendly alternative.

The coup de pouce chauffage (heating grant) is not means tested, but the amount paid varies depending on overall household income.

It can also be used in conjunction with the Eco-prêt à taux zéro (interest-free eco loan) and the MaPrimeRénov’ schemes.

The property in question has to be at least two years old.

What new installations does the grant cover?

The grant covers eco-friendly installations from the list below:

  • Biomass boiler
  • Air/water heat pump (pompe à chaleur air/eau)
  • Water/water heat pump (pompe à chaleur géothermique),
  • Hybrid heat pump (an air/water heat pump and a condensing boiler),
  • Combined solar system (a solar panel heater and a storage tank),
  • Connection to a district heating network powered by renewable energies (réseau de chaleur alimenté majoritairement par des énergies renouvelables ou de récupération)
  • High-performance wood-burning stoves (in this case, only if replacing a coal-burning stove or similar heating equipment, but not a boiler).

As you will need the help of a specialist to install the equipment, they will be able to tell you if the exact replacement you want to install is eligible for the grant.

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How much is the grant?

There are two tiers of support – households with a ‘modest’ income and ‘other’ households.

Income levels are based on the income from two years before your application, for example, if applying for the grant in 2024, 2022’s income is assessed, based on your 2022 revenu fiscal de référence (net income as shown on your avis d’impôt sur le revenu).

Modest income households receive a higher grant and the threshold depends on where the property is located and how many people live there.

The table below shows the income thresholds to be classed as a ‘modest household’ for purposes of the grant.

Number of people in the home

In Île-de-France

Elsewhere in France
















For each additional person



Credit: Ministère de l’économie

Any household with income above these levels will only receive a base-level grant for ‘other’ households.

The table below shows how much the grant can be depending on your household income level and the type of installation:

Biomass boiler

Air to water heat pump

Solar thermal heating system

Hybrid heat pump

Connect to a city district heating system using green energy

Amount for modest households






Amount for other households






Credit: Ministère de l’économie

Water to water heat/geothermal heat pump

High performing wood burning stove

Amount for modest households



Amount for other households



Credit: Ministère de l’économie

The Ministry of the Economy says however that these are guidelines and exact levels of the grant could change, and will apply for projects started up until December 2025.

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How do I apply for the grant?

You apply for the grant via one of the companies that has signed a charter agreement to offer these grants. They are mostly energy companies.

You can use the service public website’s article on theCoup de pouce chauffage to find suitable companies – look in the Quelle est la démarche pour bénéficier de la prime Coup de pouce chauffage section.

This section provides specific links to accredited companies for each type of installation.

You can get information from multiple companies before accepting an offer from one of them.

You should then click on Rechercher une enterprise ayant la qualité ‘Reconnu garant de l’environnement’, to find a firm that will install the equipment.

You should then obtain quotes from firms, agree on one, and sign it.

Once the work is completed, you should return the invoice to the company offering the grant.

Payment comes either in the form of a discount on your final bill for the project, a bank transfer to your account, or vouchers (bons d’achats).

Note that for help with this and other advice on eco-friendly financial aids, you can obtain free advice from the FranceRénov’ network.

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