Can we modify porch plans in France without reapplying for permission?

If you make changes to planned building work on your French property you may have to reapply for a permit depending on the modifications

The need to reapply for planning permission due to plans changing will depend on the nature of those changes being made
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Reader question: We have tacit permission (a déclaration préalable) to construct a porch over our front door. The architect didn’t take into consideration an inspection cover over a drain, which would be just inside the porch. Can we reduce the size of the porch and alter the porch roof without having to reapply?

It would be advisable to seek legal advice on your specific circumstances, as you might need to reapply for permission.

When a project requires a permis de construire (planning permission), it is possible to apply for revised planning permission to include changes, called a permis modificatif.

However, there is no such process for smaller projects which only require a déclaration préalable.

We asked the Agence nationale pour l’information sur le logement (Anil), the association that supports the Adil departmental housing information centres, whether you would need to submit a new application.

It said: “It will depend on the extent of the modifications with regard to the original project. If they are significant, it will be necessary to submit a new application.”

If you are only reducing the size by a small amount, this might be acceptable.

Most departments have an Adil information point where legal experts offer free, personalised advice on the legal and financial aspects of housing and planning matters.

Yours would be able to assess your specific case in more detail.

You can find details of your local Adil here.

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