Covid-19 France: crossing borders to take dog to vet

Can I cross France-Germany border to take dog to vet?

I use a vet just across the border in Germany and I am required to get my dogs seen by a vet and administered worming pills immediately prior to returning to the UK. I visited the vet at the outset of the lockdown and was allowed to cross the border but when one of my dogs developed severe pneumonia and heart failure in late March the German border patrol said I had to visit a French vet. Do you know when we can cross the border to Germany?

It is not yet known what the rules for crossing land borders will be after de-confinement. At present the only situation where people can cross from France to Germany are cross-border workers, for transport of goods or to return home.

Rules in both France and Germany will have to change if a visit to the vet will be allowed after May 11, and at present there is no information suggesting when this will be possible.

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