Do Airbnb hosts need a siret number in France?

Requirements for letting property in France can vary by whether it is a main or second home and by region

A couple are considering Airbnb as a new source of renters for their French home

Reader question: We occasionally rent out our house in France when we are away. I am thinking of putting it on Airbnb, but will we need a siret number to do this?

Although you do not state if this is your main or a second home and whether or not you are a resident of France it may make little difference.

According to official French sources any furnished holiday rental of a home you own whether main or secondary, requires you to register for a business siret number. 

This is a free process, which does not usually require you to pay business social cotisations.

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This was in the past not generally enforced in any event for those undertaking a minimum amount of non-professional letting. However the rules have tightened in recent years.

If it is a second home you should also declare letting a meublé de tourisme (furnished holiday let) to the mairie. A few cities also require this with a main home, so check with your mairie if in doubt. In some communes you will be given a registration number that should be quoted in any adverts.

The siret registration process can be undertaken online.