France’s switch to electric vehicles boosted by €268m charger fund

Plus Citroën’s new ‘affordable’ EV has been unveiled and will go on sale next summer

Charger programme aims to install 175,000 publicly accessible chargers by 2025
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The budget to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers across France has been increased by €268 million.

The bulk will go into the Advenir programme, which aims to install 175,000 publicly accessible chargers by 2025, and is currently focusing on apartment blocks.

Rules of many syndics de copropriété (elected bodies that manage the common areas of flats), currently make it difficult for chargers to be installed.

Advenir said it is working to change attitudes and regulations.

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Warning of hidden fees at public charging points

In addition to the money for the programme, €68 million of government funds will be used to co-finance 12 projects to add 2,500 fast or ultra-fast chargers to the country’s main roads and autoroutes.

Electric mobility trade body Avere said in a study that average EV drivers, who charged at home 85% of the time, saved up to three times the cost of diesel or petrol.

The body also called for more control of public charging point costs, warning that some firms add connection and other hidden fees, including parking, to their prices.

In May, the symbolic target of 100,000 public chargers was reached in France.

The government aims to deploy 400,000 of them by 2030.

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Citroën ë-C3 will have a range of 320km

French carmaker Citroën’s ‘affordable’ EV, the ë-C3 is set to go on sale next summer for €23,300 before grants. The maximum grant available is €7,000.

Photo: The ë-C3 Citroën; Credit: Citroën

Made in Slovakia, the ë-C3 will have a range of 320km, and is compatible with superfast 100kw chargers, which should give it 80% battery charge in under half an hour.

It might also be eligible for an upcoming state rental scheme offering EVs for €100 a month, before insurance. Only the Renault-owned Dacia Spring currently qualifies.

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