French city plans to vary parking tariffs depending on income

Discounts of up to 90% on annual parking passes would be given to lower-income residents

The city of Nantes is planning a new parking charge discount scheme for lower-income households
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The city of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) is set to vary its parking charges depending on income in a bid to make driving there more affordable for lower-income households.

Nantes introduced charges for 10,000 formerly free parking spaces in September this year in order to encourage users to opt for public transports, the mairie said.

The 14,300 paying spaces therefore increased to 25,000, and the price rose from €4.60 to €5.30 for two hours in ‘red areas’: the very centre of the city.

In ‘yellow areas’, slightly further out, the cost rose from €2.80 to €3.10 for two hours.

To help residents with the increases, the local council is due to vote on Friday (October 14) on a mechanism which would reduce the tariffs for people on low incomes by 30-90%.

The reduction will only apply to people who buy an annual parking pass normally costing €180.

People in the lowest income bracket will benefit from the full 90% reduction and pay only €18, and then the discount will be reduced gradually in line with increases in income.

This measure is expected to come into effect from April 1, 2023.

The city has not yet explained how people will be able to sign up for the scheme, but this will likely become clearer after it is voted through.

The local council will also vote on the possibility of giving residents who have an annual subscription and a ‘Pass Famille’ to receive 24 days of ‘free’ parking per year, which may help when friends and family come to visit, for example.

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