Gas customers in France on old regulated tariff to get ‘bridge’ offer

The switch to a transition contract will happen automatically at the end of June but prices are not yet known

2.3 million Engie clients in France are still on the outgoing regulated gas contracts

Engie clients who are still signed up to the regulated gas tariff when it is abolished on June 30 will be automatically transferred to a transitional contract.

It has been impossible to sign up to the regulated tariff since November 2019, but there are still some 2.3 million clients who have yet to switch to a market-rate offer.

Gas will not be cut off

The government has sent letters inviting people to make the switch, but many have opted to wait as other contracts have often been more expensive.

If they have not acted by the June deadline, they will be placed on a passerelle (bridge) offer, meaning the gas supply will not be cut off.

This is a specific, transitional offer, exclusively for people who are still signed up to the regulated tariff.

It will evolve monthly, following the same trajectory as the benchmark prices set by the Commission de régulation de l’énergie (CRE) energy regulator.

Clients will be able to switch to another supplier or an alternative contract type for free at any moment.

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Bridge contract prices set mid-June

Between March and April, clients were given an indication of the price, which was reportedly 3% higher than the regulated tariff.

However, the actual price that will be applied in July will not be known until mid-June and may be lower.

To find the best deal, you can consult comparison sites such as that of national energy ombudsman the Médiateur National de l’Energie (MNE).

Electricity price shield will continue

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said that although the government’s bouclier tarifaire (price shield), which limited regulated gas prices to a 15% rise in January, will end this year, the electricity price shield will continue and not end before at least “the start of 2025.”

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The latter will be abolished in stages, with details yet to be announced.

Gas prices have fallen in recent months and are expected to remain at a level below the current price shield.

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