How can I insure my UK-registered car for long stays in France?

Many UK car insurers will only cover you for trips of up to 90 days in Europe, but there are alternatives if you need to spend longer in France

It is possible to find deals tailored for people who spend longer periods in Europe
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Reader question: We normally come to France for about five months with a UK-registered and insured car but our insurance broker can no longer find a company that offers more than 90 days of cover a year in the EU. Do you have a solution?

All UK car insurance policies provide minimum third-party cover in Europe, usually for between 30 and 90 days per year.

It is sometimes possible to negotiate an extension to this allowance but this is not usually standard.

It is, however, possible to find deals tailored for people who spend longer periods in Europe. For example, Stuart Collins & Co offers policies specifically for UK cars that are used in the EU as well as the UK.

Saga also offers cover in 30 European countries, including France, for an unlimited period of time with its Saga Select and Saga Plus policies.

However, it only accepts clients over the age of 50.

Liverpool Victoria offers clients the possibility to have the same level of cover as they have in the UK for 180 days in the EU.

Sterling, meanwhile, has a deal for UK-registered cars that will be used in France, but it is mostly targeted at people moving here.

Even when EU cover is included, do check that the level of cover is the same when driving abroad as most providers offer third-party cover only unless you pay a fee to upgrade.

It is worth noting that you do not need to carry a green card (an internationally-recognised document proving you are insured to drive abroad) when driving in the EU.

Finally, another option is to leave a car in France to use at your second home, with French plates and French insurance.

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