How to check how expensive your local French supermarket is

New online tool compares ‘click and collect’ prices of 300,000 products in around 4,000 shops, including Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarché, Casino and Système U

The tool ranks supermarkets from ‘very expensive’ to ‘good value’ based on their click and collect prices
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A new tool that allows users to compare their local supermarkets' ‘click and collect’ prices has been developed by the French consumer group UFC-Que Choisir.

It allows you to compare different supermarkets’ average “basket” price, as well as the prices of different categories of food (dairy, meat, drinks, etc.) and the prices of individual products.

Baskets are made up of 103 commonly bought products.

The supermarket brands that were assessed are Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Colruyt, Cora, E. Leclerc, Intermarché and Système U

UFC-Que Choisir compared around 4,000 shops around the country, and checked the prices of around 300,000 products.

Click and collect, where you order products online and then pick them up in store in person, is known as ‘drive’ in French.

How it works

You can find the tool at this link: Comparateur des supermarchés.

Next, you choose your profile. You have a choice between a single person, couple or family. Then you input your postcode, and the maximum area you want to search.

Pic: UFC-Que Choisir / Comparateur des supermarchés

Price comparison in Nice, Perpignan and Caen

The Connexion tested the tool in three cities in France: Nice, Perpignan and Saint-Malo.

We looked at prices for couples and families, within a five kilometre radius of the city centre.


In Nice, no supermarkets were considered to overall be good value for families or couples (bon marché, represented with three stars). Several, mainly Super Casinos, were deemed to have “moderate prices” (represented with one star).

Many of the supermarkets, including Intermarchés, Système Us, Carrefours and Casinos were considered “very expensive” (represented with two solid squares).


In Perpignan, there are two E. Leclercs that are considered to be “quite good value” for families and couples (assez bon marché, represented with two stars).

The most expensive supermarket there according to the tool is a Système U on Rue Pascal Marie Agasse, which is considered to be very expensive.


In Saint-Malo, the E. Leclerc on rue Elie Marais is considered “good value” for families and couples. The other supermarkets highlighted in the area are considered either moderate or expensive.

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