How to give more money to help Ukraine (use France’s tax benefits)

You can get 75% back on donations up to €1,000 to certain associations. We list five reliable organisations that qualify and whose actions will support people in Ukraine

You can claim a tax reduction on donations to charities in France
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There are several national and international associations collecting donations to support Ukraine, following Russia’s invasion of the country on February 24.

If you live and pay tax in France, then you can claim a tax reduction on donations you make to qualifying associations in France or the EU. Charities or associations based in the UK no longer fall into this category since Brexit. You cannot benefit from the reduction if you do not pay any tax in France.

We explain how the system works, and list five France-based associations or foundations that are helping Ukraine and that you can donate to and claim the maximum tax reduction.

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How to claim a tax reduction on donations

France divides associations that receive donations into four categories:

  • General interest or recognised public service

  • Organisation helping people in difficulty (meals, care, housing)

  • Organisations supporting people affected by domestic violence

  • Religious organisations

Donations to the second category, organisations that help people in difficulty, are entitled to a 75% tax reduction on donations up to €1,000.

Over and above this, you can get a reduction of 66% on donations to these organisations up to an amount equal to 20% of your taxable income.

If you do donate more than 20% of your taxable income, the excess – the money that no reduction was available for – can be carried over for the next five years.

All the charities that we list in this article will fall into the category of organisations helping people in difficulty.

For donations to ordinary general interest or recognised public service associations, you can get a 66% reduction up to 20% of your taxable income.

Find out more on the French government’s official page here.

You can declare your donations to charitable organisations based in France on your tax form in the box marked 7UD, or box 7VA (found on form 2042RICI if declaring on paper) for donations to qualifying organisations based in other EU member states.

All donations made this year will be declared on your 2023 income form (for 2022 income).

You do not need to attach receipts of your donation to the tax form, but do keep them in case you are asked to prove them by the tax authority.

Major organisations in France supporting Ukraine

You can benefit from the 75% tax reduction for all donations under €1,000 to the following five organisations:

La Croix-Rouge – This is the French branch of the international Red Cross organisation. Donations made to it will benefit the Ukrainian population in terms of medical care. The money may, if necessary, also be used for other actions carried out by the Red Cross.

CARE France – This politically-neutral association is collecting donations to help with urgent aid for Ukraine.

Unicef France – The UN organisation that supports children internationally. You can specifically make a donation to help those in Ukraine.

Secours populaire – An association which provides a wide range of help to people who are vulnerable and in need. Make a donation to help Ukraine at this link.

Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) – A global humanitarian organisation that has been present in Ukraine for eight years and has carried out 125,000 medical consultations there. You can make a donation to support Ukraine at this link.

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