Is it practical to install security cameras in my French second home?

The rules and an idea of prices for different systems

Prices of systems vary considerably from more budget solutions at around €100, up to €3,000

Reader question: I am away from my French home for long periods and worried about security. Is it practical to install cameras so I can monitor from the UK?

If you want to keep an eye on your French property, one option might be to install an alarm and camera system.

You can opt for an alarm which connects to your WiFi or to a mobile internet network and which can send notifications and camera images to your phone.

Cameras by the Ring brand, for example, record videos of suspicious activity – and can be set to film only when they identify a human – keeping you up to date with what is going on and also providing you with key information for the authorities if a burglary does occur. Some include a speaker so you could, for example, speak to a delivery person - or scare off burglars.

You can also ask the related app to show you real-time images of your house and/or garden for peace of mind.

However, these systems must be plugged into the electricity supply and you will probably have to keep your WiFi connected constantly.

Other popular brands include Lorex and Kiwatch.

Legally you should make sure that your camera is not filming a public street or a neighbour’s garden.

Prices of systems vary considerably from more budget solutions at around €100, up to €3,000. Depending on the insurance company, installing security systems may also help reduce your home insurance premiums.

Home télésurveillance systems linked to a local control centre also exist; for example Orange has an offer called Maison Protégée (€35.99/month after a €29.99/month discount year).

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