Letters: French registered cars face battles with London ULEZ charges

Connexion reader says she was asked to pay hundreds of euros after the payment machine mistook her vehicle for a lorry

Reader says the system is difficult for foreign registered cars - and even harder for people who do not speak fluent English

To the Editor,

I have just returned from a short trip to London.

Aside from the difficulty in paying the ULEZ charge for a foreign-registered car, I would like to raise a concern.

On the automated call, you are asked whether you wish to pay the congestion charge or Ulez.

The Ulez is £12.50 per day but I was told it was £312.50! It would be very easy for a person with poor English to miss this error and agree the amount.

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This amount has been demanded on two occasions and seems to be a default which assumes my car is a lorry. 

I refused to pay and eventually got through to a human being who corrected the amount to 12.50.

He suggested I register the car on their website. I have tried to do this, but it is not that easy.

Moira Rough, by email 

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