More French supermarkets sell low-cost home chargers for electric cars

Lidl joins Carrefour and Auchan in selling ‘affordable’ wall-mounted kits to charge electric vehicles at home

Many stores offer charging points, but Carrefour, Auchan and Lidl are the only ones to sell home charging technology
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Discount retailer Lidl has become the latest French supermarket to sell low-cost EV charging equipment.

Many stores offer recharging points, but major supermarkets Carrefour, Auchan and Lidl are the only ones to sell recharging tech.

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Customers can claim tax credit to offset installation costs

Lidl’s website lists two wall-mounted charging points, suitable for type 2 plugs in the home.

Type 2 plugs are the European standard and have seven pins. Type 1, used in the US, have five.

One Lidl wallbox is rated at 22kW, the other is at 11kW, and in the January sale they are priced at €399 (was €499) and €319 (was €349).

Buyers pay for installation, but can claim tax credit.

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Other useful EV cables for sale

Not all public EV charging points have integrated cables.

To purchase one can cost between €90 and €300, depending on its power level.

Lidl’s site has a type 2 recharging cable currently priced at €135 that is suitable for almost all European stations, and allows charging up to 22kW.

EV owners can also buy a charging cable that plugs into a domestic socket for €129.

Information on Auchan’s wallbox can be found on their website, while Carrefour’s cable is here, although out of stock at time of writing.

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