Ouigo passengers can now resell their seats for TGV trains

The initiative aims to reduce the number of seats left empty by customers who do not make their train reservations

Ouigo’s swap service has been introduced to allow greater flexibility for customers
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SNCF has launched its Ouigo Swap service for its low-cost TGV trains, enabling passengers to resell their ticket in exchange for a voucher worth 80% of its cost.

The rail operator has introduced this new system to reduce the number of empty seats left by the 10% of customers who do not make their train reservations, and to allow greater flexibility for passengers.

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How can I swap my Ouigo ticket?

People wishing to swap their ticket can go onto the Ouigo website or app, find their booking through ‘Mes réservations’ and clicking on ‘Libérer la place’ (Free up the seat).

It should be noted that once this has been done you cannot retract. However, in order to receive your partial refund the ticket must be sold on (at the original price).

People hoping to buy tickets will be able to do so up to 23:59 the day before the journey, or sign up to a waiting list and be notified by email if a place becomes available.

Since the initiative was launched, 100,000 people have already signed up to Ouigo Swap waiting lists, but SNCF has not shared details on the number of tickets having been resold.

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