Post-Covid-19 recovery: new apprenticeship grants announced

New measures to increase the number of apprentices have been brought in by the government from July 1 to avoid a “lost generation” as so many businesses are in trouble because of the lockdown.

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The apprenticeship recovery plan

The recovery plan will run until February 2021 and offers a grant of €5,000 for each under-18 hired and €8,000 for those aged 18-30, with the offer open to all businesses.

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Employment Minister Muriel Pénicaud said the grants would be available for hiring young people with qualifications ranging from the CAP to licence professionnelle and there will be no cost for the company in the first year.

Last year, nearly 490,000 apprentices were hired – a rise of 16% on 2018 – and the government wants to keep up the momentum.

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