Reminder: deadline for French property declaration is tonight

Around one in six homeowners are required to complete the declaration this year

The declaration must be made by 23:59 on June 30

Property owners must complete the Biens Immobiliers property declaration before 23:59 tonight (June 30), or risk a €150 fine. 

The declaration is not required of all homeowners this year, but only for those who did not complete it last year or who own a property which has seen its situation change since 2023.

Nonetheless, all homeowners would be wise to check the information concerning their property on the French tax website 

If this information is incorrect, you should tell the tax authorities via your personal space at, clicking Nous contacter and then Ma messagerie sécurisée.

Many second home owners did not complete the property declaration in 2023, as they had trouble either accessing the website or doubts about completing the declaration. 

The tax authorities have said that all questions previously submitted last year through the messaging system by homeowners have been answered, allowing them to complete it this year.

The declaration must be completed online through your personal space on the French tax site.

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