Three little-known French websites to sell unwanted old clothes

These online marketplaces will assess, photograph and sell items you no longer wear

Clearing out your wardrobe could make you some extra money

Selling old clothes that you no longer wear makes good environmental sense, helping to reduce the fashion industry’s vast global carbon emissions while making you some money.

Many people sell used items on such well-known online marketplaces as Leboncoin and Vinted, but here are three specialist clothing sites you might not know and have considered.

1. Vestiaire Collective

This site, run by a Paris-based company, offers two ways of selling; a standard and a premium conciergerie system.

Users selecting the first option sign up for a free account, describe their item and upload photos.

Once it is sold, you receive a prepaid label to attach to send it to the company for checking before it is sent on to the buyer.

The site says sellers will receive “up to 85%” of the sale price.

In the second option, someone will come to your home, collect items and put them on sale.

This is only for ‘designer’ or ‘rare’ items and sellers get “up to 75%” of the proceeds.

Visit the site here.

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2. Once Again

This site resells used items made by a recognised brand and of good quality.

You can first use a simulator to check if your clothes are accepted, and at what price. It also tells you what quality standards are required.

Once Again will accept men’s and women’s bags and shoes. Some supermarket labels or other cheaper brands are refused.

You must send at least 15 items, not exceeding 5kg in weight, and use their label on the package, which costs €7.90.

After around three weeks, Once Again will pay you for the items that meet their standards.

Items that they do not accept are donated to charity or returned to you for another fee of €7.90.

Visit their site here.

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3. Jaiio

With this site, you fill in an online form to describe your items, to say if you want an estimated sale price, and whether unsold items can be passed on to charity.

Alternatively, you can put all that information in an email.

Next, the company arranges to pick up your clothes, which is free for five items-plus or if they are worth at least €150.

Jaiio photographs your items and displays them across multiple international versions of its site.

It takes a commission, which varies from product to product, and you receive a PayPal transfer for monthly sales.

Visit their site here.

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