Toothbrush reinvented by French entrepreneurs to clean in five seconds

The new brush, which looks like a mouthguard, has proved a hit with consumers despite its cost

Co-creator Benjamin Cohen says the invention was born out of frustration at how long it takes to brush teeth normally
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An electric toothbrush designed by two French men in 2017 has proved such a success that they are investing in a €12million factory near Lyon to produce them.

The Y-Brush looks like a sports mouthguard but has bristles inside.

Users put toothpaste on the bristles and then fit the Y-brush over their teeth before turning it on.

It takes only five seconds to clean all the teeth it touches, before the brush is turned over to tackle teeth on the other jaw.

Inspired by speed

Benjamin Cohen, who jointly came up with the idea, said: “I always detested toothbrushes, and how long it takes to clean your teeth properly with them.

“I thought there must be some way to advance the technology, which has not changed much for 500 years.”

Brisk sales

The Y-Brush went on sale in 2020, selling 20,000 in the first year despite costing €80.

The company, FasTeesH, expects to pass the 100,000 mark in 2022.

The toothbrush’s heads last six months and replacements start from €35.

The firm claims the brush is 21% more efficient than a manual one in reducing dental plaque, and 75% better than oscillating electric toothbrushes in reducing gum inflammation.

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