Transferring UK pension and savings to France

I have holidayed in France for years and want to settle down there once I finally end the ‘day job’. How easily can I transfer my UK pension and savings to a French bank account? T.M.

If you are making the move, sending money to France is simple when you have the right support.

Using your bank to transfer pension and savings from a UK bank to an account in France is one option – but not the easiest or most cost-effective. Arranging transfers can be time-consuming and most banks charge transfer fees on every transaction (these can be at a fixed rate or proportional to the size of the transfer but no matter how much they are they can add up over a year).

If you are looking for a fast, free way to move your pension payments to France, a good currency broker is what you need, offering excellent exchange rates, eliminating transfer fees and providing a personal level of customer care.

Exchange rates are volatile and it is important to time your transfer effectively if you want to get the best return. Currency specialists can help with this as they can keep you updated with the latest market movements and offer expert insight. And if the rate moves in your favour you can opt to fix it for up to a year. You can even fix it on automated monthly payments so you will know exactly how much your pension is worth in euros and budget effectively.

Options to transfer over the phone, online or with a mobile phone app give you the power to move your money as and when you want to so you can concentrate on the important things in life, like enjoying your time in France to the full.

Some pension providers will agree to pay directly into your French bank account, which may also help to avoid fees, depending on the banks. Concerns have been raised that some private pension providers, notably, may no longer be able to do this after Brexit.

Question answered by Shaun Dash of Currencies Direct. For more information on international money transfers with Currencies Direct see or call +33 (0)4 22 32 62 40

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