Website bug reported on P&O system for France-UK crossings

The firm is checking into a booking issue after The Connexion passed on a reader’s concerns

A reader reports problems submitting passport details online when booking ferry crossing

P&O is investigating a bug on its website that prevents people from providing advance passenger information – such as passport details – after booking.

This information is usually required for travel between the UK and EU.

We reported the issue to the firm following emails from a reader.

He said P&O’s customer services admitted to technical problems and told him his passport could simply be scanned when he arrived at the port of Calais for his crossing to Dover.

He was concerned since a third-party booking portal had informed him that pre-registration was obligatory.

In view of renewed media reports of travel problems due to post-Brexit rules for UK passports, we note that these apply only to visitors and not to Britons who live in France and have a valid carte de séjour.

The latter can enter from the UK with a valid passport but visitors must check that their passport on entry was issued less than 10 years ago (see ‘date of issue’), and is valid for at least three months after the day they will leave the EU to return to the UK (check ‘expiry date’).

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