What are you supposed to do with old car tyres in France?

Used car tyres must be disposed of according to specific guidelines in France. We take a look at the rules

Since 2003 old tyres must be recycled in France

Reader question: Where do you recycle car tyres in France, or what are you supposed to do with old tyres?

Used car tyres must be recycled in France, ever since a change to the rules in 2003 relating to how they are disposed of.

This is free of charge for motorists, as the price of tyres sold in France includes an eco-tax that funds the recycling process.

Tyre manufacturers and importers are obliged to oversee the collection and processing of a quantity of tyres equal to those they sold the previous year.

Garages and car centres also stock old tyres until they are collected and recycled.

The easiest solution is to leave your old tyres with the garage whenever they are changed, but if you have old tyres at home, you can still contact your local garage and see if they will take them.

Certain déchèteries will also agree to collect used tyres, but you should contact your local one in advance to make sure.

The main body that collects tyres for recycling is Aliapur, a collaboration between Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

However, it is usually professionals from the car industry who will have contact with Aliapur.

The recycled tyres are used for various purposes, from road surfaces to artificial sports pitches.

Whatever you do, you must not dispose of old car tyres yourself.

The Environment Ministry says: “Tyre waste, though classed as non-dangerous waste, represents a danger to the environment and public health in case of fires (emission of toxic gas) or fly-tipping (a refuge for mosquitos which could carry viruses).

“It is forbidden to dispose of them on a rubbish tip, leave them in nature, or burn them.”

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