What can I do if I have lost my French energy voucher?

The chèque énérgie vouchers can be used to pay bills, as well as certain renovations

France’s energy vouchers are sent to millions of households
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Reader Question: I usually receive the energy vouchers, but have lost that for 2023. I am worried it will go to waste if I do not use it before the deadline, can I get a replacement?

There are over 5 million households in France that receive a chèque énérgie (energy voucher), which is sent out annually.

The amount of the voucher is between €48 and €277, and the one for 2024 will sent between March and May, although there may be some complications with this year’s rollout.

The vouchers can cover the cost of energy bills or can be put towards certain eco-friendly home renovations. They come as paper vouchers in the post.

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The deadline to use 2023’s voucher is March 31, 2024.

However, those who have lost, damaged, or forgotten to use their voucher have a little extra time to ask for a replacement that will be valid during the 2024 year.

The deadline to apply for replacement vouchers is usually April 30 (one month after the deadline to use them).

How can I apply for a replacement French energy voucher?

A replacement voucher can be requested digitally through the chèque énérgiewebsite.

Alternatively, you can call the service on +33 805 204 805.

A voucher can be reissued if the original has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

Damaged vouchers may still be usable if the required information (ticket number, amount, and validity date) is still legible.

On the website, note which voucher you are seeking to replace (for this year it will be for 2023). You will be asked to give your numéro fiscal (tax number).

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Additional information may be required, including the ticket number and amount if you are able to see this, for example, where the voucher has been damaged.

Once all the information has been completed, your old voucher will be cancelled and you will be sent a replacement via the post.

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