Which items are included in the French electronic goods repair scheme?

It is not only for handheld electrical devices such as phones

Larger electronic items may be included in France’s repair scheme
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Reader Question: I know there is a repair scheme for small electronic devices such as phones and laptops. Does the scheme extend to other household appliances?

The reader continues: “My washing machine is broken and I would rather repair it than buy a new one.”

You are correct that there is a government-backed repair scheme in France, which seeks to encourage people to repair old goods instead of buying new ones.

A fixed amount of the cost of the repair is taken directly off of the final bill when you pay at the counter and come to collect your item.

The good news is that the scheme does not only cover small electrical devices like phones, but also a wide variety of electronic household objects, including washing machines, fridges, irons, kettles, coffee machines and others.

A similar scheme now also covers repairs to clothing.

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Repairs must be carried out by a participating store (usually large chains). You can find one local to you here using an online search tool.

In addition, since February 2024, devices that need to be sent away can also be covered.

Recent changes to the scheme saw the maximum amount of aid offered for washing machine repairs double from €25 to €50.

The amount of aid available for many items was increased in January 2024. A number of new items were also included on the list of those eligible for repair.

The government hopes the increased financial incentives will encourage more people to use the scheme, after less than 5% of the allotted funds in 2023 were paid out for repairs.

The full list of equipment included can be found here, divided into sections which includes large household goods, TVs, cameras, tools, and others.

The maximum amount of the bonus can also be seen.

Note that there are situations when products will be ineligible for the bonus, for example if under warranty, covered by insurance, or if damage is only aesthetic and the product still works – although an exception is made for phone screens.

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