Why now is a good time to swap electricity provider in France

The regulated tariff increased by 10% in February

You can compare electricity deals by entering information from your Linky meter on the official comparison website
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The price of electricity increased again in March, but due to healthy levels of electricity production and high market competition, this makes it a good time to change suppliers.

In recent years, instability in the energy market impacted many people as some alternative energy providers significantly increased prices albeit softened to a degree by the government’s ‘price shield’.

The regulated tariffs, proposed by EDF and a few local electricity syndicates, have also increased by up to 40% since 2022, according to the government energy watchdog La mediateur national de l’energie.

This year these tariffs have essentially stayed at the same level as last year. However, a return of a tax that was suspended by the government as part of the ‘price shield’ means that bills increased by up to 9.8% in February 2024.

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Regulated electricity tariffs 2024


Price, including tax, per kWh


Price pre tax per kWh (€)

Basic offer



Peak-off peak offer ‘Option Heures Pleines Heures Creuses’

Off-peak times



Peak times



Peak day offer ‘Option EJP’

Normal day



Peak Day


Variable price offer ‘Option Tempo’

'Blue day’: Off-peak times


'Blue day’: Peak times


‘White day’: Off-peak times


‘White day’: Peak times


Red day’: Off- peak times


Red day’: Peak times


Most French electricity suppliers charge less than the regulated tariff

Electricity prices have been stabilising over the past year as the market has adapted to the energy crisis provoked by the war in Ukraine. As a result most suppliers can offer prices below the regulated level, with many offering fixed-term prices.

“Out of around 60 offers, two thirds are less expensive than the regulated tariffs,” said spokesperson Caroline Keller from La mediateur national de l’energie.

“Some are offering 15% or 20% less. This reduction concerns the price per kilowatt hour before tax and subscription costs. However, customers should be careful to check whether the price is fixed-term or progressive,” she said.

In the case of progressive rates, suppliers can adjust the price according to demand. This was notably the case in 2022, when Mint Énergie, Elmy, Ohm Énergie, Mega Énergie and Wekiwi increased their prices so much that the electricity watchdog accused them of “incomprehensible and misleading” practices.

How to compare electricity offers

You can compare electricity deals available in your area using the official comparison tool on the website of the La mediateur national de l’energie, here.

If your home is equipped with a Linky meter, it can show you the exact prices. You will need to enter your electricity delivery point which can be found on your electricity bill.

Another tool is available on the website of consumer rights magazine UFC-Que Choisir here.

Changing electricity deals is free and does not entail any disruption to service.

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