Will EES be applied to those entering France from another EU country?

New border controls are expected in autumn 2024

Passport control signage in French and English
Biometric information will be taken from many travellers entering the EU

Reader Question: If I travel to France from another EU country, will I still be affected by the new EES rules? I am British, and have a residency permit to live in France, but do not have an EU passport.

The EES (Entry/Exit System) is a new digital border security system set to come into effect in late 2024 at all entry points into the EU. 

Alongside the Etias visa system, it forms part of new security measures for the Schengen Bloc. 

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In short, non-EU citizens without a long-stay visa for a Schengen country (a visa valid for more than 90 days) entering the EU for the first time will need to pass through a digital border system which collects biometric data, including passport information, a facial photograph and fingerprints. 

This only needs to be done the first time you enter (or leave) the EU after the EES comes into force. 

In some larger airports and ports there will be pre-registration kiosks before border points where some of this information can be provided.

Data will be kept in the system for three years, meaning that subsequent entries/exits should be quicker.

EES rules if entering France from another EU country

If non-EU citizens are entering France from another EU country as a short-stay traveller – be that a land, sea, or air border – they will have already handed over information at the point of entry to the Schengen area, and will not need to do so again. 

In answer to your specific position, if you are a residency permit holder of an EU country, EES rules will not apply to you. You will not need to register your information on entry to the Schengen area, but will have to show your passport and residency card. 

EES procedures will not be applied at internal borders within the Schengen area.

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