Training to prepare British workers in France

A business expert who is studying the impact of Brexit in south west France is organising Prépa-Brexit training for Britons.

29 May 2019
By Connexion journalist

Dr Vincent Lagarde, from Limoges University, says Brexit is affecting self-employed Britons, with reduced turnovers for those working mostly within the British community or with UK visitors, due to uncertainties and the falling pound.

Some have lost contracts from wary French clients, especially freelancers in sectors where EU mobility is required.

He says some also have weaknesses in their business models and set-ups, and “economic and social difficulties” which Brexit risks making worse.

Training is being prepared with the Chambre de Métiers of Haute-Vienne and will include language and culture, the Brexit process and laws, administrative procedures, professional regulations and tax, and management and marketing.

It aims to help workers prepare as much as possible and appeal to French and British clients.

It could be rolled out to other departments which have a lot of Britons if it works well.

A questionnaire has been sent to local artisans to check the course is adapted to their needs. 

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