Doctor charges set to rise

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Details published in Journal Officiel reveal new charges for consultations for certain conditions that will come into effect in November

The cost of visiting a doctor will rise in November for patients with certain conditions.

But the full increase in charges will not be passed on to patients, as social security reimbursements are set to remain at the same levels.

Details revealed in the Journal Officiel confirm the price of a standard consultation, which rose to €25 since May 1, and also reveal new classifications for treating more complex chronic conditions - including asthma, eating disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's - that were agreed in August last year, following a 'winter of discontent' which was notable for a number of strikes by medical personnel.

Le Monde reports that the cost of a 'complex' consultation - for patients such as children at risk of obesity, newborns requiring 'specific' follow-up consultations with a paediatrician in the first 28 days, and first consultations for contraception for girls aged 15-18 - is will from November 1 be set at €46.

Appointments for asthma, tuberculosis, severe eye disease, certain eating disorders and infertility will incur a further surcharge of €16, bringing the total cost of an appointment to €62.

Meanwhile, preparation for an organ transplant, monitoring cancer, and severe foetal diseases are among the consultations which will be described as 'very complex', and incur a fee of €60.

Consultations linked to long-term neurodegenerative illnesses, such as Parkinson's disease, will rise from €56 to €70 - though the number of consultations will rise from one per year to three.

The level of reimbursement for carte vitale holders remains at 70%, while those who have long-term illnesses will be fully reimbursed for the increased cost of their treatments.

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