Five social media accounts to follow to improve your French

TikTok and Instagram are fantastic free learning resources

Social media is a great tool for learning another language
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Immersing yourself in French is the best way to learn and that means everything from listening to the radio, reading books and even changing your social media habits.

As social media continues to play a more prominent role in society, it is unsurprising that it is also having a bigger influence on language learning.

There are lots of great accounts that make short, sharp videos explaining a language point or giving new pieces of vocabulary.

The good thing about social media content is that it is usually around a minute long, meaning your attention span is unlikely to waver.

Videos can also be watched on repeat or saved for later so you can refer back to them.

Your phone algorithm also reflects what you watch or listen to, meaning that after you have sought out French content a couple of times, you will then start to see it without doing any of the searching.


On Instagram and Facebook, Cécilia Jourdan has millions of followers and it is easy to see why.

Now based in New York, Jourdan hails from France and makes short, engaging clips to help language learners master French.

Whether it is pronunciation guides, how to mix up your vocabulary or talking about specific themes, there is always something useful on the page.

The posts are also very frequent meaning you are likely to pick up handy tips daily.

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The man behind this account is working as an English teacher in a French high school.

Although he is teaching English, much of the content is in French and you can see the students’ processes for translating which in turn enhances our own understanding of how French works.

He also often explains why certain words and phrases are different in English and French, which is useful to understand how the language is built and how phrases are formed.

With a large following on Instagram and TikTok, he has done collaborations and interviews with platforms such as Brut, which brings news in video form.


This is another TikTok and Instagram teacher who has built a following in teaching people how to speak good conversational French outside of a classroom environment.

Carlito also has a newsletter which you can subscribe to for language learning tips.

He often does videos on common faux pas and offers explanations and corrections so you can avoid making them in the future.

There are also frequent comparisons between school French and real spoken French, with suggestions of how to speak like a native.

On the channels, there are sometimes small French comprehension tests, where he will read a passage and ask you a question about it at the end.

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This French-American does a daily video talking about topics such as travel in France, fashion in Paris, French slang words for various themes or alternative vocabulary to discuss certain things.

Some videos are funny, relatable anecdotes about life in France, while others are more educational.

She also often does questions and answers meaning she will answer any of the questions people have about her life or a specific French word in video form on TikTok and Instagram.


Coffee Break is one of the best tools for language learning available and has both free resources and paid-for courses.

Their Instagram and TikTok offer plenty of videos, such as little translation challenges and tests.

They also have words of the day and focus on verb conjugation which means you can work on your French even as you are scrolling through your feed.

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