Photos: Japan wins patisserie World Cup in Lyon, France second

Pastry chefs for the teams had ten hours to come up with 42 desserts on the theme of climate change

Japan’s frozen dessert particularly impressed the jury
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France was awarded the silver medal at the patisserie World Cup in Chassieu (Rhône-Alpes) near Lyon yesterday (January 22).The competition, which was on the theme of climate change, was won by Japan and Italy came third.

Japanese patissiers Moe Takahashi, Naritoshi Suzuka and Yusaku Shibata were selected by jury members over 16 other teams at the Salon international de la restauration de l'hôtellerie et de l'alimentation (Sirha).

They had all had ten hours to craft 42 desserts each around the theme of climate change.

Candidates were required to use raw materials respectful of the environment while additives and colourants were forbidden. Among the 42 desserts were mandatory iced-lollipops and three artistic cakes with one made from sculpted-hybrid ice.

The jury said it was particularly impressed by a Japanese dessert combining themes around wind and lightness (see main picture).

Here are desserts from Tunisia, Canada, France and Colombia (clockwise from top left). Picture credit: Julien Bouvier

This is the third time Japan has won the prestigious prize, rewarded for “attention to detail, perseverance and engagement,” according to Pierre Hermé, French pastry chef and president of the jury.

“This is not the ranking we expected,” said the president of the French team,Yann Brys, to French media, adding that “second place is always a difficult position, though beautiful.”

The French team was composed of chocolate specialist Georges Kousanas, Team captain and sugar specialist Jérémy Massing and ice cream specialist Jana Lai.

They were selected for the two-day-long competition after a selection process in which 50 countries took part.

Japan’s frozen lollipop. Picture credit: Julien Bouvier

An eco-responsibility prize was awarded to Canada.

The last two biennial competitions were won by Italy in 2021 and Malaysia in 2019. France ranked third last time.

Pictured here are sculptures crafted by Japan (left) and France. Picture credit: Julien Bouvier

Sculptures from Egypt (left) and South Korea. Picture credit: Julien Bouvier

Cooks awarded today

Another competition started yesterday and will be awarded by the end of today (January 23) at Sirha.

Two dozen chefs are battling for the Bocuse d’Or, a championship intended to reward the best cook in the world, which was created in 1987 by worldwide famous chef Paul Bocuse.

French chef David Tissot won last year.

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