TV and films to improve your French in May

Star-studded comedies and Olympic Documentary are recent highlights

N'Avoué Jamais, which stars Andre Dussollier, is now in cinemas

There are plenty of series and films to sink your teeth into this month, all available on a variety of platforms. 

Opting to watch something in French – with French subtitles – is an easy yet effective way to learn the language.

Not only will doing so help you pick up new words and expressions, but also allow you to train your ear and listen to how people actually speak French in everyday situations, outside of what you would learn in a classroom.

Many of the films and shows listed below can be found on streaming services, allowing you to watch them from the comfort of your own home.

If you fancy a trip to the cinema however, many showings have the option for subtitles to be turned on, making the prospect of watching a film in French slightly less daunting.

Below are our top six picks for this month.


Fiasco is a new Netflix series featuring a star-studded cast that includes Pierre Niney, François Civil and Géraldine Nakache among others. 

The comedy follows the struggles of a first time director, who feels helpless as disaster hits his set time and time again.

Co-created by long time friends Igor Gotesman – known for hit series Family Business – and Niney, the show is expected to go down well with the wider public.

The comedy is punchy and quick, and easily binge-able with only seven episodes.

It was released on Netflix on April 30.

Qui est l’imposteur

Qui est l’imposteur is a game show presented by Squeezie, one of France’s biggest YouTube stars. 

The show itself is broadcast through YouTube, but you can use an app to watch the show on your television.

The show is based on a simple, yet humorous premise: three people with something in common – for example, a job or passion – present themselves on the show, and answer questions about their life.

However, one among them is faking it, and has no links to the thing they are claiming to do or love.

In each episode, Squeezie is joined by two French celebrities, and together they must guess which of the three is the imposter.

The frequent disagreements and debate between Squeezie and his guests provides the basis for plenty of laughs.

One of the benefits of watching this show – although it is definitely marketed towards younger generations – is that the French used is very colloquial and more representative of ‘everyday French’ people use.

Some of the episodes have racked up nearly 30 million views. 

MasterChef France

For those who like to combine their TV shows and cooking, MasterChef is always a popular pick, and the French version of the competition is just as entertaining as its British and American counterparts.

Series 4 and 5 of MasterChef France are currently available on Amazon Prime, while series 6 will stream in summer 2024. 

Some episodes see contestants whipping up classic French dishes, with others focusing on exotic plates from abroad or difficult challenges.

Watching the series offers an opportunity to brush up your culinary vocabulary as well as learn a thing or two about French cuisine.

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N’avoue Jamais 

If you fancy a trip to the cinema this week, N’avoue Jamais is a good option. 

After 50 years of marriage, François is still madly in love with his wife Annie. However, his world is turned upside down when he finds out she cheated on him 40 years earlier. 

His solution is to leave Annie in search of her former lover Boris, in order to confront – and assault – him. 

With François well into retirement, however, this plan is not quite as straightforward as it might once have been.

Paris 2024: Les athlètes à suivre 

The 2024 Paris Olympics are quickly approaching and athletes around the world are finalising their training before taking to the stage. 

France will look to use their home advantage and climb up the medal table, with athletes setting their eyes on gold. 

Available on the Olympic Channel online, Paris 2024: Les athletes à suivre has seven episodes and focuses on athletes from across Europe, including Enzo Lefort, Carla Neisen, Kauli Vaast and Lauriane Nolot. 

The athletes offer insight into their background, how they got into the sport and their training regimes as they seek a podum finish infront of the home crowds.

You can watch the episodes for free online here, but must sign up to do so.

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Le château de mes rêves 

Le chateau de mes rêves follows families without much money as they take a step into the unknown and become castle owners. 

Abandoning life as they know it, they face a mammoth task as they have to come up with ways to finance and maintain the running of the castles they have taken the plunge to purchase. 

The reality show follows the families through the highs and lows of owning a French chateau. The programme is available to watch on Canal+.