A week of (very) hot weather for France ahead

Temperatures of almost 40C are expected from next week, starting tomorrow and building to a peak come next weekend

A pharmacy temperature board shows 40C
Temperatures could hit almost 40C in France next week
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Temperatures of up to 39C are forecast in France next week, starting tomorrow (Monday, July 11) and building to a peak by Saturday, July 16 and Sunday 17.

However, the intensity and exact geographic spread are not yet clear, nor is it certain if the episode will be considered an ‘official canicule (heatwave)’, said Météo France.

A canicule is declared when there is an “intense and long-lasting period of heat” higher than the seasonal norm, when the heat remains day and night over at least three consecutive days.

The official declaration unlocks certain measures to help vulnerable people cope with the heat, such as public cool rooms for the elderly and homeless.

So far, 38-39C is expected from Gironde to Tarn-et-Garonne and the Landes, as well as, further east into Gard, Vaucluse and Drôme.

On the western coast, temperatures will be between 34 and 36°C. The Mediterranean coast and much of the rest of the country are expected to experience temperatures of 30-34C from tomorrow.

From Tuesday, in the Loire-Atlantique to Pyrénées-Atlantiques, and over a large part of the southern half of the country, temperatures will hit 36-39C.

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