Bardella: we will limit legal immigration as well as illegal

If elected prime minister he said changes would start to be made ‘within weeks’

The party has released a one-page pamphlet outlining eight key policy points that their parliamentary candidates must support

Far-right Rassemblement National (RN) will limit both legal and illegal immigration if they win the upcoming legislative elections, the party’s president has announced. 

Jordan Bardella said changes would be made “within the first few weeks” of him becoming prime minister during a TV interview on RMC - BFMTV on June 14.

The potential prime minister also spoke about plans to cut taxes for people under 30, and make the financial situation of the French state more transparent if at the helm. 

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Eight policy points announced

The party has now released a one-page pamphlet outlining eight key policy points that their parliamentary candidates must support. It is being circulated to them and not released to the public although Le Figaro reports to have seen a copy.

The eight points are:

  • Improving spending power by cutting VAT and electricity prices

  • Reducing crime

  • Reducing both legal and illegal immigration

  • Supporting farmers by developing local supply chains

  • Reducing medical deserts

  • Simplifying everyday life by fighting red-tape

  • ‘Common sense measures’ to save public money 

  • Protecting French sovereignty 

The document says RN will “drastically reduce legal and illegal immigration, as well as deport foreign delinquents,” which it also presents as a way to help save public money.

You can read the full document here, shared by Le Figaro. A full manifesto has yet to be announced.

The RN has long been against illegal immigration to France, but has recently committed to a crackdown on legal migration – particularly coming from outside the EU. 

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However, the party does not provide details on how it plans to do this.

It could complicate the path towards residency and French citizenship in line with the proposals of the 2023 Immigration law.

Under this law, which passed with RN support - France reduced access to free state medical care for undocumented immigrants (AME), permitted the expulsion of ‘dangerous’ resident foreigners and modified the territorial principle of automatic nationality for people born on French soil.

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2022 manifesto included several points on immigration controls

RN’s 2022 manifesto included a number of points on immigration controls, some of which relate to legal entry into France.

The manifesto called for native French to be given priority access to social services and an end to family reunification (‘regroupement familial’) immigration categories.

The RN also wanted no residency permits to be handed out to anyone who has not worked in France for at least one year - this is still showing on its website although no more details are provided. It is thought highly unlikely that the RN would target foreign retirees as this has never been their stated aim.

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These policies are on the RN’s official website, however they allude to measures for the 2022 campaign, with the page of policies not yet up-to-date for 2024. 

Neither the RN new one-page policy recap document nor their longstanding policy proposals make reference to non-French retirees or people with second homes in France.