Connexion reader gives his views on the Paris e-scooter ban

Self-confessed ‘lifelong motorcyclist’ Chris Levings is in total agreement with the ban

Electric scooters are going to disappear in Paris from September 1

I am pleased that Paris has banned e-scooters.

As a lifelong motorcyclist, it is very annoying to see users, including food delivery riders, completely ignoring the highway code, while police look on, totally ignoring the law-breaking taking place in front of them.

These e-scooter riders go from pavement to road, and from road to pavement, ignoring both traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, and carry no identification.

They ride with no insurance, don’t wear helmets, and often travel ‘two up.’

If I did any of those things on my motorcycle, I would get six points on my licence and a large fine.

Finally, we can see that sense has prevailed.

Connexion reader Chris Levings, by email

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