Driver doing 200km/h in northern France caught by police plane

The speeding car managed to shake off emergency services and was only caught after cooperation between on-the-ground gendarmerie vehicles and a Border Police plane

Emergency vehicle lights on a police gendarmerie car
The gendarmerie initially caught the driver of the vehicle speeding but only managed to arrest the culprit with help from a plane
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A driver who was spotted going more than 200km/h in a neon green car in northern France was finally caught by plane after cooperation across police departments.

The Audi RSQ3, in a conspicuous fluorescent green colour, was first spotted in Seine-et-Marne (Ile-de-France) by a police radar speed check, doing 207km/h.

The gendarmerie took chase, but the driver did not stop and managed to shake off the emergency vehicles. The car was later only spotted from the air, by a border Border Police plane that was flying above the department of Essonne.

The plane then communicated the car’s position to vehicles on the ground, with Évry police finally able to stop and apprehend the driver as a result, towards 16:00.

The Audi was impounded on the spot. It was found to have Polish number plates. The driver was finally arrested without further resistance.

It comes just days after another similar case, when a man who had already been sanctioned for driving while intoxicated, was followed by police doing 160km/h on a road with a 110km/h speed limit.

He did not stop despite the light and loud noise of the police sirens, and later claimed that he had not seen or heard them.

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