Fighting back against turbines

Thanks for the interview with Mr Butré of the Fédération Environnement Durable earlier this year about wind turbines.

The struggle goes on to defend territories from implantation of these machines and you can air your views by writing to the public consultations on them on departmental sites.

These consultations last a few weeks and then disappear. An official can be met at mairies and then the prefect decides on the project. Unfortunately, this civil servant does not have the last word when he/she refuses as the wind industry can appeal to the courts. This is an unbelievable capitulation by the French state, which has given in to foreign interference.

If you do nothing, the machines may be built possibly 500m from your house and risk damaging your health. Why? If you read the eminent acoustician Steven Cooper, from Australia, who is intervening vigorously in his country and was in Germany last month to defend his view, based on measures on the wind turbine sites and lab experiments, the blades emit all sorts of low frequencies and infrasounds when they gyrate and these carry for at least 20km.

As the human body’s organs have their own frequencies, it alters their function for the worst and the principle of resonance occurs. This bizarre event comes to the brain and alpha waves fall from 10Hz to 8Hz. The stress hormone cortisol rises and this opens the door to ovarian cancer and other dysfunctions.

Professor Salt of St Louis, US, has discovered endolymphatic hydrops [an inner ear condition] in patients who are exposed to low frequencies and amplitude modulations.

All the international research is here but the French agency for food, environmental and occupational health and safety (Anses) seems to shut the door to specialists such as Professor Alves-Pereira from Portugal, Dr Rapley, Steven Cooper and Professor Salt. They do, however, admit Simon Chapman and others who deny the impact.

Worst affected are the north region, Hauts de France around Calais, and there are projects in Dordogne, where people have been in the streets to protest. If you live in the French countryside, your house is at risk as the wind industry has the right to prospect and build anywhere. Your medieval castle or your B&B business won’t stop them. Times are changing in France since the new incumbent at the Élysée was voted in.

Do not stay silent and wait for the machines to be built.

Your health and your house value are at stake.

Claudia Bawden

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