France traffic warning as drivers seek a headstart on holiday season

Be warned: the summer exodus is beginning!

Drivers should be aware of the increased traffic this Friday in France
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Heavy traffic is expected across France - particularly around Paris - on Friday (June 30) as the summer holiday season moves up a gear.

All of France is on at least the third-highest level of traffic warning for departures (roads leading out of major cities into more rural areas), according to the official traffic information site Bison Futé.

The Île-de-France region around the French capital is on red alert (the second-highest level) for departures at the end of the week, with a higher number of drivers leaving the capital.

In particular, Bison Futé cites families without children looking to beat the holiday season traffic. The school term officially ends on Saturday (July 8) but many classrooms will pack up a day earlier.

Traffic until early evening on Friday

Blockages on roads are expected to start from the late morning on Friday, with holidaymakers keen to get a headstart.

Exacerbated by commuters, those taking usual weekend trips (especially close to Paris), and workers travelling home at the end of the week, the traffic could last until “late into the evening,” said Bison Futé.

Driving into cities, however, should not see any increased difficulty.

In Paris, the A10 and A7 motorways will see bottlenecks at their respective toll booths leading away from the capital, causing red-level warnings.

Elsewhere, the A6 (between Paris and Lyon) could see jams on both sides of the carriageway, with both cities seeing an exodus of drivers.

The A50, linking Marseille and Toulon, has also been highlighted by the authorities as a potential site for heavy traffic, particularly leading out of Marseille.

Another group of travellers highlighted by Bison Futé are foreign tourists, who are beginning to come to France for the tourist high season.

By Saturday (July 1), traffic levels should mostly return to normal, with only Île-de-France facing level two warnings for traffic, once again only for those leaving the region.

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