FUN PHOTO: Seagull steals a set of dentures in Brittany

Bird swooped down to steal mystery set of teeth from under a bench

The gull looked fetching with its new smile

A daring seagull in Brittany has proved a social media hit after being photographed carrying a set of dentures. 

Passer-by Jean-François Lavole saw the dentures resting under a bench whilst out in Port-Louis (Morbihan) but before he could pick them up, a seagull swooped down and snatched them away. 

The bird flew away too quickly for Mr Lavole to get the dentures but he did manage to capture the moment with a funny photo. 

‘This seagull has both hard teeth and a hard character’ surmises the caption of the photo Mr Lavole shared to the Port-Louis community Facebook page. 

Commenters revelled in the snap. 

Il veut croquer la vie à pleines dents,” said one, making a word-play on the word ‘dents’ that means ‘he wants to live life to the full’.

Another comment said “Il a l’air d’avoir une dent contre vous” (he seems to bear a grudge against you), again a word play on ‘dents’ 

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The original owner of the dentures is unknown but thankfully in France, they may be able to get a new pair for free using the 100% Santé scheme.