What dental work is covered with the 100% Santé scheme in France?

The scheme was introduced in 2020 and covers those in the healthcare system with mutuelle cover

Dentists must provide a quote where costs are covered by the scheme if the work fits into certain categories

Reader Question: I need a new filling for one of my teeth and think I remember reading dental work is fully covered by social security. Is this correct?

The 100% Santé scheme, launched in 2020, helps provide 100% coverage for certain optical, auditory, and dental care.

To benefit from the scheme, you must be signed up to the French healthcare system, and have top-up insurance, either privately, through your work, or via the CSS top-up insurance. 

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With respect to dental care, the scheme does not cover general appointments with a dentist, such as check-ups, descalings, etc.

These are covered to 60% by Assurance Maladie (Social Security), with the remaining 40% being paid by your top-up insurer or mutuelle if you have one.

The following list includes the fillings and work that are covered. Note the associated work to put them in is also included: 

  • Metal-ceramic crowns and single-piece ceramic crowns (zirconia and non-zirconia) for visible teeth (incisors, canines, first and second premolars);

  • metal crowns for all teeth

  • metal-ceramic bridges to replace an incisor

  • all-metal bridges for all teeth

  • resin dentures (removable prostheses) for all or part of the teeth – these were added in 2021

  • repairs or changes to denture components.

A complete list of what work is covered – up to the number of teeth that can be altered – can be found on the official Assurance Maladie website here, under the ‘le panier 100% Santé’ section.

How does it work? 

A dentist is required to provide you with at least two quotes / pricing options when looking at potential fillings or dentures.

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At least one of these must be fully covered by the 100% Santé scheme. 

If the work you need is not covered in the list above (or you need multiple fillings, etc, with only some covered), the dentist must provide a quote which is partially covered by 100% Santé, if it is possible, or at a reduced tariff rate. 

The other quotes can be made up of any combination of products, including those not covered by the scheme.

As with the other medical fees covered by the 100% Santé scheme, they will need to be paid upfront. 

Reimbursement from the Assurance Maladie should take place around a week later.

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