Heavy traffic expected today in France as Easter breaks come to an end

Conditions will be ‘difficult’ across the country, and congestion is forecast to last until at least 20:00

An image of cars queuing up France's A7 motorway towards Lyon
Traffic conditions are expected to be ‘difficult’ today (April 18) in France as people return from Easter breaks
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Those driving back from Easter breaks today (April 18) should be aware that traffic conditions are expected to be “difficult” across the country.

Traffic was predicted to build this morning in coastal areas, moving towards big cities as the day wears on.

Conditions should return to normal around 20:00 in most areas, although around Ile-de-France the congestion will continue until “late in the evening on the A10, A6 and A13 motorways,” states national traffic forecasting service Bison Futé.

For return journeys taking place today, drivers are advised to avoid:

  • The A10 between Bordeaux and Orléans between 16:00 and 21:00

  • The A11 between Angers and Paris between 14:00 and 22:00

  • The A13 between Caen and Rouen from 11:00 until 22:00 and between Rouen and Paris between 16:00 and 22:00

  • The N12 between Saint-Brieuc and Rennes between 16:00 and 22:00

  • The N137 between Nantes and Rennes between 16:00 and 20:00

  • The A6 between Chalon and Beaune between 15:00 and 19:00

  • The A7 between Orange and Lyon from 11:00 until 21:00 and between Marseille and Salon-de-Provence between 11:00 and 20:00

  • The A8 between Nice and Aix-en-Provence between 10:00 and 19:00

  • The A9 between Narbonne and Orange from 12:00 until 19:00

  • The A61 between Narbonne and Carcassonne from 15:00 until 20:00

Access to France from Italy via the Mont Blanc tunnel will also be difficult, especially between 18:00 and 19:00, when a wait of up to two hours is expected.

Between 14:00 and 18:00 and 19:00 until 20:00, delays are forecast to last up to one hour.

People setting off from big cities in their cars today should not experience any notable congestion.

For further information, visit the Bison Futé website.

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