Intermarché supermarket recalls children’s yoghurt across France

The product – Pâturages Les P’tits Prods Goûters Lactés – may contain metallic particles and should not be consumed

A split image of the Gouters lactés snack packaging and of chocolate yoghurt on a spoon
Children's chocolate yoghurt snacks are being recalled to Intermarchés across France
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Intermarché is recalling a batch of chocolate-flavoured yoghurt snacks over the “suspected presence of metallic particles” within the product.

The recall concerns four-packs of Pâturages Les P’tits Prods Goûters Lactés.

Government site RappelConso states that this recall is a “precaution” as the metallic content has not yet been confirmed.

The recall applies to every Intermarché supermarket in France, and the affected batch carries the GTIN code 3250392435363 and the batch number 12129951.

The sell-by dates of the yoghurts landed between December 16, 2021 and January 13, 2022, and the use-by date is October 28, 2022.

Consumers are encouraged not to eat the yoghurts, as there is a risk of “injuries or undesirable effects following ingestion.”

People who have purchased the product can take it back to the shop and receive a refund until the recall period ends on March 13.

You can find out more about the recall on the RappelConso information page.

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